Account Processing Solutions from Fiserv help banks, thrifts and credit unions create a reliable bank platform to reduce risk and drive efficiency using all channels of banking activity.

Whether your organization is a bank, credit union or thrift, processing account-based transactions is at the very heart of your business. Each transaction is a reference point that reflects the speed, service, efficiency and overall competitiveness of your organization.

When you get account processing right, your customers are satisfied and your workforce is maximally utilized — and your profits go up as a result. When you get it wrong, you can expect it to wreak havoc throughout the enterprise, especially on the bottom line.

A reliable, flexible banking platform can take the uncertainty out of your account processing fulfillment. Fiserv can help.


Our Solution

Our Account Processing Solutions drive efficiency, mitigate risk, enhance end-user experience and promote growth for your business. Whatever your institution's size, type, business model or technology strategy, we have a banking technology solution to match your needs.

Account Processing Solutions from Fiserv are:

  • Proven and complete, supporting all financial services products and all channels of banking activity such as online and mobile
  • Powerful, with robust and innovative functionality that delivers results
  • Integrated and efficient, streamlining processes
  • Intuitive, making them easy to use and learn
  • Intelligent, providing a complete, at-a-glance view of the people you serve
  • Capable of supporting the needs of your entire enterprise with comprehensive end-to-end technology and tools
  • Fully scalable

Our comprehensive offerings serve retail and commercial banks, thrifts, credit unions and other financial services providers of any size. Whether you process in-house or prefer to outsource, serve the United States or a multinational market, want an out-of-the-box solution or access to source code, we’re your trusted partner for account processing.



Our proven, end-to-end technology and tools power an array of account processing solutions for all types of financial services products and all channels of banking activity. Our Account Processing Solutions can help you:

  • Streamline processes related to customer account management for greater efficiency
  • Foster better customer service and greater customer loyalty
  • Support all banking channels with a single, integrated platform
  • Lower operational and training costs
  • Comply more easily with regulations and governance policies
  • Customize your implementation to suit your business objectives

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