Fiserv offers case management, dispute resolution systems and exceptions management technology for all payment options, from checks to ACH to debit and credit cards.

Financial institutions face an increasing number of new challenges in the payments processing landscape today as they juggle legislative reform, consumer demands, competitive pressures and technology innovations. In addition, they must have the capability to handle a range of adjustment, dispute and claim types from checks and electronic transactions. We can help.


Our Solution

We offer an image-based, rules-based and workflow-enabled case management and resolution system that can handle adjustment and dispute types such as ACH, ATM, bill pay, and debit and credit card transactions while dramatically increasing efficiency, reducing costs and reducing risk. With Case Management & Resolution from Fiserv, you can:

  • Improve productivity: Using rules-based case management, prioritization and reporting, your operators and managers can resolve cases more efficiently. They will also better manage compliance with regulatory and network guidelines
  • Eliminate paper processing of payment disputes: Our solution eliminates paper handling and improves customer service. You get image-based processing and electronic communications with payment processors and networks. By having quick access to item data and images, you'll reduce your dependence on paper or reportsĀ - and empower your operators to resolve cases more quickly
  • Manage an evolving payments environment: Our single solution streamlines back-office case resolution processes and exceptions management, yielding greater results for your organization


There are numerous benefits to our case management and resolution solutions.

With our Dispute Resolution solutions, you can:

  • Improve productivity through automation and pre-decisioning cases
  • Enable compliance with internal policies, government regulations and industry network guidelines
  • Streamline research and reduce time to work cases
  • Eliminate keystrokes and data entry errors
  • Eliminate paper processing through electronic communications with the payment processors and networks
  • Improve disaster recovery processes
  • Improve workload-level customer service requests
  • Improve customer satisfaction, achieve bank-set service levels and provide a common customer experience regardless of payment type or service request issue
  • Reduce charge-offs and minimize financial risk

With our Exceptions Management solutions, you can:

  • Reduce fraud losses through faster information retrieval and decisioning
  • Reduce expenses by eliminating manual processes
  • Enhance customer service by offering new services and increased efficiency
  • Provide faster, more accurate access to information

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