Whether you're a de novo or a large financial institution, we offer efficient, powerful automated clearing house (ACH) payment solutions.

Technology is constantly changing and your market is unpredictable, yet the pressure to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and mitigate risk continues to intensify. At the same time, your financial institution needs the right tools and technologies to grow and remain competitive, enabling you to support an expanded client base.

Payroll, direct deposit, consumer billing and other ACH transactions need to operate smoothly and efficiently every time - your customers depend on it. That's where Fiserv comes in. There's a reason that a growing number of financial institutions rely on us for highly efficient and technologically advanced ACH processing. In fact, more than 12 billion ACH transactions in the United States were processed on Fiserv technology in 2016.


Our Solution

ACH Solutions from Fiserv have been recognized as the industry standard in ACH processing for nearly three decades. They increase efficiency and easily handle your ever-increasing transaction volumes. Your business can replace slow, error-prone manual processes with automated processing and online access to our real-time system. Below are just a few of the key advantages:

  • Online access
  • Automated settlement
  • Multi-institutional processing
  • Robust risk mitigation tools
  • Debit authorization/protection
  • Comprehensive return item processing
  • Extensive reporting

In addition, you can implement a comprehensive solution and expand your service offering with a range of easy-to-integrate add-on modules. These modules include the following:

  • Automated scheduling and arrival payment processing
  • Automated client notifications
  • Prefunding
  • Dual authorization
  • ACH positive pay
  • SEC code and debit return monitoring
  • Customer activity reporting
  • OFAC monitoring
  • Check to ACH conversion


With ACH Solutions from Fiserv, you'll be able to process and deliver ACH transactions through your choice of deployment models, cost-effectively, no matter the size of your institution or ACH transaction volume. You will also:

  • Eliminate costly manual processes
  • Maximize efficiencies and productivity
  • Enhance customer servicing and satisfaction
  • Expand business services and offerings
  • Enjoy 24x7 support from industry experts
  • Improve regulatory compliance and mitigate risk across your ACH payment processing system

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