Engagement Advantage℠ from Fiserv lets you cater to your customers' billing presentment and payment preferences with a convenient and secure integrated approach to the billing and payment life cycle.


As a provider to more than 3,000 utility companies, Fiserv knows customers receive and pay their utility bills in more ways than ever before. This requires you to manage emerging billing and payment channels alongside traditional ones. We can help you streamline the billing and payment life cycle while helping you compete by providing the best customer experience.

Our Solution

Engagement Advantage is an integrated approach that simplifies digital and paper-based billing and payments. This approach can result in accelerated revenue collection and improved customer engagement while reducing regulatory risk and cost.

Provide simple, straightforward and convenient billing and payments experiences across all channels with our scalable, flexible and secure billing solutions. Leverage our sophisticated messaging capabilities to enhance perception of your brand and influence customer behavior. Use our integrated approach to migrate customers from paper to electronic channels seamlessly.

Simply send your data stream – one time – from any system and Fiserv can:

  • Prepare the data to create bills and include personalized messages
  • Present the bills in printed and digital formats to distribute through mail, biller direct and bank channels
  • Enable your customers to pay using the channels they prefer
  • Protect your company from financial misstatements and potential write-offs


Let the strength of Fiserv help your utility company:

  • Simplify your life by using one partner to manage the entire billing and payments life cycle
  • Cater to customer preferences by providing channel and payment options
  • Speed revenue collection by offering a full range of payment options
  • Engage customers by delivering the right message in the right channel to the right customer
  • Reduce regulatory compliance and security risk with solutions from a trusted industry provider

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The Better Billing and Payment Experience, Start to Finish

Engagement AdvantageSM from Fiserv delivers an integrated approach that enables your business to offer the billing and payment options your customers demand, drive greater engagement to increase growth, and help you compete on the customer experience.

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The Powerful Link Between Emotions and the Customer Experience for Utilities

Customer communications are often stale and impersonal, simply regarded as a tool for information sharing. But they don't have to be. They can be a strategic weapon in improving customer experiences.

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Better Together: A Business Case for Outsourcing Multichannel Communications for Utilities

Consumers in a want it now world have organizations re-evaluating their customer communication strategies. To keep pace and stay competitive, organizations often outsource their transactional communications to a provider that can manage the increasing complexity.

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Engagement Advantage Utilities Infographic

Consumers in a "want it now" world are using multiple devices and channels to access their bills. They expect a satisfying experience no matter how they engage. It's up to organizations to leverage those expectations.

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Well-Timed Words: Monthly Bills Can Enhance Customer Engagement Point of View Paper

Consumers in a fast-moving, "want it now" world are using multiple devices and channels. They expect a consistent, satisfying experience no matter how they engage, whether through paper, digital or, often, both. It's up to organizations to meet – and leverage – those expectations.

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Engagement Advantage for Utility Companies

Engagement Advantage℠ by Fiserv delivers an innovative approach to helping your business offer the billing and payment options your customers demand while creating differentiated experiences that help your business grow profitably – all while helping you compete on the customer experience.

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Getting the Billing and Payments Experience Right Pays Dividends for Billers

Key findings from Fiserv Insights: Ninth Annual Consumer Billing Preference Survey suggest speed and ease of use in how people receive and pay bills are key drivers of satisfaction and loyalty.

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On-Time Utility Payments Made Easier

Customers say their No. 2 concern related to billing and payments is being late with their payment. Chasing overdue payments costs you money and causes customer friction.

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FirstEnergy Corporation Case Study

Two of FirstEnergy’s core values are customer service and positive change. Implementing eBill Easy Activation™ from Fiserv enabled the company to uphold these values while dramatically increasing paperless adoption.

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