2018 Trends in Digital Banking: Providing Experiences That Build Trust

Digital banking's overarching trend in the coming year is to get as close as possible to perfecting the consumer experience. Making that experience seamless, secure and hassle-free will build digital trust that's worth its weight in gold in terms of driving deeper consumer engagement and loyalty.

That's a theme our CEO, Jeff Yabuki, highlighted in his recent blog on the undeniable trends in banking. In some ways, digital banking has been driving those broader trends, and the anywhere, anytime world we live in means the driving principles of change in one space often intersect with those in another.

There are a variety of innovations – voice banking, facial recognition and other biometric capabilities, for example – that can make the digital experience as seamless as possible. Those developments stem from the bedrock fact that people just want to move and manage their money whenever and however it's most convenient for them. They expect the branch experience to be an extension of their online and mobile interactions, and vice versa. They expect their financial institution to earn their trust at every touch point.

There are many ways in which institutions will try to meet those expectations, enhance the consumer experience and build digital trust in 2018. Here are three trends to watch:

Focus on the Consumer Experience

The consumer experience is at the heart of every upcoming trend in digital banking. That may mean focusing time, energy and investment on creating an engaging experience that spans the entire financial institution.

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