Fiserv Furthers Innovation With INV Fintech Accelerator

If innovation in the financial services arena was ever a luxury, it is no longer. In a dizzying upward spiral, the fast pace of life today has accelerated demand for innovation, which in turn has created pressure for more innovation. This is particularly true for all things digital.

Most financial institutions have embraced the revolution, refocusing and effecting internal cultural change to the point they now think with a "digital first" mindset. However, much like the universe itself, banking innovation is expanding and accelerating at an unprecedented pace. All players in this new world are going to need an assist.

As discussed recently in Forbes, Fiserv has stepped forward to provide that assist with a new fintech accelerator, INV. Fiserv developed INV in partnership with Bank Innovation and with support from U.S. Bank, Cross River Bank and other partners.

As an experienced, hands-on, real-world resource to financial institutions, Fiserv is able to develop a fintech accelerator that's timely, relevant and productive.

Beyond traditionally recognized tech centers such as Silicon Valley and New York, INV will serve as a resource to talent wherever it is found, including remote parts of the world. It is the first fintech accelerator designed to cultivate high-potential financial services startups anywhere.

INV facilitates the successful melding of vision and reality by connecting high-potential startups to the real world in which financial institutions operate – all while keeping a keen eye on regulatory compliance. As a result, viable projects receive a jumpstart while Fiserv bank and credit union clients receive timely access to cutting-edge, yet workable, advances in fintech.

Fiserv is in a unique position to further innovation by serving as a connection point between financial services startups and our thousands of bank and credit union clients. There are many nuances to navigate when developing and delivering new solutions in our industry. Fiserv has the expertise to help ensure technologies that can transform the way people interact with financial services make their way to market.

As an experienced, hands-on, real-world resource to financial institutions, Fiserv is able to develop a fintech accelerator that’s timely, relevant and productive. Moreover, while operational demands may limit the resources financial institutions can dedicate to innovation initiatives, for Fiserv, innovation has always been a focus.

INV is now accepting applications for its first accelerator class, which begins this quarter. Visit to learn more about INV, including services and application instructions.

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